Every year, Yorkville honors members of our community who have proven to be positive examples for our children, and for us all.Β  These are our volunteers, staff members, and young people.Β  The awards they receive are bestowed on them in honor of those who have come before us and have lived the mission of Yorkville.

These are the Yorkville Honorees.Β Β 

​​​Michael T. Carroll ​​​Award

Dedication and Service to the Yorkville Youth Athletic Association

Michael's energy and enthusiasm with which he embraced the game, our children, and life, that so distinguished his character, continues to be exemplified in the good work of young people.

Tyler Leiderman 2023
Ryder Leiderman 2023
Alex Feinberg 2022
Johnny Rodriguez 2022
Jonah Mataraso 2021
Benny Agate 2019
Isaac Weissmann 2019
Andrew Feller 2018
Perry Zimmerman 2018
Peter Gardner 2017
Adam Israelevitz 2017
Cameron Mendez 2016
Harris Whiteson 2016
Jesse Levine 2015
Sam Axel 2014
Matthew Hornick 2013
Dylan Blanke-White 2012
Jake Fried 2011
Jake Fried 2011
Caroline Katz 2011
Stephen Romano 2011
Matthew Smeaton 2009
Jackie Fields 2009
Seamus Coffey 2008
Matt D'Angelo 2008
Lance Williams II 2008
Matthew Fortuna 2007
Jonathan Grima 2007
Michael Virga 2007
Erick Posser 2006
Andrew Virga 2005
Alex Phinizy 2004
Eric Yapalater 2004
Abiel Hernandez 2004
Richie White 2003
William Horstmann 2002
Seth Fiur 2002

Harold D. Gibson Award

Dedication to Volunteer & Community Service

Harold's love of children, dedication to our program, and time he has put in to see his dream become a reality, continues to be reflected in the volunteer work of coaches.

Screenshot 2019-09-24 11.40.47
Samuel Merrin 2023
Frankie Almanzar 2022
Glenn Weiner 2022
Andrew Mataraso 2021
Edward O'Connor 2021
Brad Agate 2019
Michael Propper 2019
Joe Drape 2018
Stephen Fields 2018
Larry Lazerwitz 2017
George Mangiaracina 2016
Roger Lehman 2016
Kyle Solomon 2016
Jim Glavin 2015
Mike MacGowan 2015
Cabot Marks 2014
John Kalle 2014
Alex Gardner 2013
Tom Haynie 2013
Vincent Leone 2012
Mark Silber 2011
Jimmy Coffey 2011
Ernie Roth 2009
Drew Levinson 2009
Jeff Mordos 2008
Greg Harris 2008
Elliot Davis 2007
Charles Hairston 2007
Bruce Jaeger 2007
Michael Fascitelli 2006
James Nix, 2004
Dennis DeVivo, 2003
Sharon Joy, 2003
Randy Kelly, 2002

Anthony J. Carbone Award

Chairman's Award for Exemplary Performance

Anthony's diligent, thoughtful, and energizing personality is reflected in his dedication and ability to get things done on behalf of the Yorkville Youth Athletic Association, and is evidenced in the work of Yorkville personnel.

Kim Hyde 2023
John "J Rod" Rodriguez 2022
Kelsey Smalls 2022
Ryan Hawkins 2021
Marcia Marco 2019
Jaime Roggenkamp 2019
Arlene Virga 2019
Allan Hemmings 2018
Daquan Hawkins 2017
Joseph Patrick 2016
Scott Laughead 2015

Leroy Thomas 2014
Joel Flax 2013
Ben Romano 2013
Lisa Glickman 2012
Nate Fish 2011
Craig Renfrow 2009
Mark Erson 2008
Lance Williams 2008
Daniel O'Gallagher 2007
Hector Mercado Jr. 2006

Fred W. Stimler Golden Eagle Award

Co-Founder & Board Member

Fred’s leadership skills, ability to understand individual differences, and bring out the best in those working with him is reflected in his team-first attitude which built the Yorkville brand and is carried on through players who demonstrate these skills.

Screenshot 2019-09-24 11.41.02
Colin Ballantyne - Travel Flag Football 2023
Zachary Ryan - Travel Baseball 2023
Cameron Aylmer - Travel Flag Football 2022
Joseph Junas - Travel Baseball 2022
Billy Keefe - Travel Baseball 2021
Marquis Ortiz - Tackle Football 2017
Mike Rice Jr. - Tackle Football 2016
Jake Ball - Travel Baseball 2016
Eamon Tierney - Tackle Football 2015
Reid Switzer - Travel Baseball 2015
Jeremi Chyliski - Tackle Football 2014
Scott Miller - Travel Baseball 2014
Peter Gardner - Travel Basketball 2014
Zachary Roth - Tackle Football 2013
Alex Glickman - Travel Baseball 2013
Jream Henderson - Tackle Football 2012
Kenny Franzese - Tackle Football 2011
Christian Gonzalez-Bayer - Tackle Football 2010
Bobby Franzese - Tackle Football 2009

Carl Frischling Soaring Eagle Award


Carl's pioneering leadership, dedication, and support for our program continues to inspire our children.Β  His spirit is best embodied in young people who have displayed great courage while motivating others to succeed.

Screenshot 2019-09-24 11.41.12

Ben Rubin 2023
Tobey Beyer 2021
Perry Zimmerman 2018
Jack Guthrie 2017
Nat Shanks 2017

Gordon Smeaton Partnership Award

Gordon's commitment to forging lasting partnerships has benefitted countless youth and families in the Yorkville community. His dedication to collaboration of service has inspired many and is evidenced in the work that has been done by these partners of the Yorkville Youth Athletic Association.


Randall's Island Park Alliance 2023
Alex Egan 2023
Jaron McNeill 2023