The Yorkville Youth Athletic Association is, at its core, a community of people standing around a field, or gathered in a gym, honoring a game and supporting the children who play it.  It is an opportunity for all involved to grow, and learn, and become better.  It is community, and friendship, and empathy.  Throughout its history, Yorkville has been blessed with countless individuals who have provided this example and lived these ideals.  Among these, there are five people who have created us and defined who we are as an organization.


In 1968, Harold Gibson founded the Yorkville Youth Council for children in the neighborhood to compete in baseball and later basketball.  Early on, Harold set the tone for Yorkville that still exists today.  He did anything and everything that was needed to provide a positive experience for the children.  He was coach, scorekeeper, groundskeeper, umpire, referee, and whatever else was needed at any moment.  Today, our staff lives by this example as they remain willing to take on any task that will provide quality sports programs to the children that they serve.


In 1990, Harold was able to form the Yorkville Youth Athletic Association as a non-profit organization with the assistance of Fred Stimler and Carl Frischling.  Fred and Carl are the epitome of Yorkville’s legacy.  They were both local parents who would coach their children in sports activities.  This is the volunteer spirit that sets Yorkville apart from so many other youth sports organizations in the city.  Fred and Carl exemplified the structure that Yorkville maintains to this day, namely the involvement of parents in their children's athletic endeavors.


Over the years, the Yorkville Board of Directors has been fortunate to have many dedicated individuals as members.  Among these stands Anthony Carbone, whose commitment to the organization has been unparalleled.  Like so many others, Anthony began his involvement as a parent-coach.  His love for the mission of Yorkville, and those we serve, led him to become more and more involved, until eventually he was named the President of the Board of Directors in 2005.  Anthony’s enthusiastic diligence continues to inspire the staff, parents, and children of Yorkville.


Arlene Virga enrolled her children in YYAA activities beginning in 1996, and her involvement grew from there to affect thousands of children and their families.  Early on, Arlene envisioned YYAA as an organization that could provide any sport to every child.  Thankfully, through her undying commitment, Arlene’s vision has moved closer to becoming reality.  She worked tirelessly on behalf of YYAA, overseeing its growth to what it is today.  Under her leadership, YYAA grew to become one of New York City’s most effective youth organizations, providing services to over 6,000 children every year.


Yorkville Youth Athletic Association

Since 1968