Welcome to the Yorkville Youth Athletic Associationโ€”a vibrant community where individuals gather around fields and gymnasiums, united by a shared passion for sports and a common mission to nurture the young athletes in our midst.ย  At Yorkville, we've woven a tight-knit fabric of community, friendship, and empathy, providing an avenue for personal development, learning, and improvement for all participants.

Our rich history is a tapestry shaped by numerous figures embodying principles of dedication and community.ย  The architects of our organization's identity started with the visionary leaders who sparked the genesis of the Yorkville Youth Council in 1968.ย  Initially centered around baseball and later expanding to include basketball, these pioneers set the tone for a commitment to providing a positive experience for all involved.ย  Wearing multiple hats, from coach to scorekeeper, groundskeeper, umpire, and referee, they instilled a selfless dedication that continues to be upheld by our current staff, always ready to tackle any task to ensure quality sports programs for children.

The evolution continued in 1990, as key individuals established the Yorkville Youth Athletic Association as a non-profit organization.ย  These allies, reflecting the essence of Yorkville's legacy, were local parents who selflessly coached their own children.ย  The spirit of volunteerism remains a hallmark of Yorkville, with these figures exemplifying ongoing parental involvement in the athletic pursuits of their children, maintaining the organization's structure.

Among our most dedicated supporters are those who serve on the Yorkville Board of Directors.ย  Their unparalleled commitment has left an indelible mark, driving increased advocacy for our youth.ย  The Board's passion for our organization's mission inspires the entire Yorkville communityโ€”staff, parents, and children alike.

In essence, the Yorkville Youth Athletic Association stands as a beacon of unity, fostering a close-knit community fueled by a shared love for sports and a collective dedication to nurturing the growth of young athletes.ย  From the genesis of the Yorkville Youth Council in 1968 to the establishment of the Yorkville Youth Athletic Association in 1990, the legacy of these leaders, alongside the ongoing support of the Board of Directors, is woven into the fabric of our community.ย  The commitment to providing a positive experience for children through quality sports programs remains steadfast, thanks to the dedication of those who continue to wear multiple hats and embody the volunteer spirit.

Thank you for being a part of Yorkville.


Yorkville Youth Athletic Association

Since 1968