Yorkville Baseball

Whether it's a game, a clinic, a camp, or an opportunity to take some swings in our batting cage while being coached by a World Series champion, Yorkville has a baseball program for children of all skill levels. 

See below for all that Yorkville Baseball has to offer! 

Fall 2022 Lineup - Rec League

When: September 10 - November 13

Cost: $350 on or before July 31st | $390 after July 31st

Please note that your game times will differ from week to week, but you will always play between the times listed, and each game will last no more than 90 minutes.

Rec League Divisions and Times

Cost: $350 on or before July 31st | $390 after July 31st

*Please note that times and locations are subject to change

Sundays | Marx Brothers Field | 8:00am

Sundays | Marx Brothers Field | 8:30am, 10:00am

Sundays | Marx Brothers Field | 11:30am

Sundays | Randall's Island Field 24 | 9:00am, 10:30am

Sundays | Field 36 | 10:30am

Sundays | Randall's Island Field 24 | 12:00pm, 1:30pm

Sundays | Randall's Island | 12:00pm, 1:30pm

Fridays/Saturdays | DeWitt Clinton Field | Times TBD

WHEN: Saturdays 9 AM-11 AM

SESSIONS: Session 1. September 17 - October 18

Session 2. October 22 - November 19

Session 3. December 3 - December 17 (3 Weeks)

Session 4. January 7 - February 4

Session 5. February 25 - March 25

WHERE: Yorkville Baseball Academy (106th Street & 1st Avenue)

AGES: 9-12

Join World Series Champion John "J-Rod" Rodriguez and his staff for a fun, extensive, and instructional clinic on the fundamentals of pitching, hitting, and fielding. 


During the hitting portion of the clinic, participants will learn the mechanics necessary to become an effective hitter. Students will learn proper techniques and will be trained both mentally and physically in the art of hitting, including J-Rod's "Art of Hand Path", his philosophical approach to baseball.

Pitching and Catching

In this clinic, you'll learn how to improve and enhance the mechanics required to become an effective pitcher and catcher. Drills will be conducted aimed at improving pitching and catching abilities.


In the fielding clinic, players learn drills and skills to improve their defensive skills. In addition to proper throwing techniques, learn the proper mechanics of the fielding stance, footwork, balance, and the importance of using two hands.

Fall 2022 Lineup - Developmental League

When: Sundays September 11 - November 13

Cost: $575

Where: Randall's Island Fields 28, 29, 35, 36

The D-League is a prep season for serious young players who want all the resources of travel baseball without traveling. Emphasis is placed on instruction, teaching the fundamentals, and playing competitive games. Each week Yorkville baseball coaches lead players through a 90-minute team practice followed by a 90-minute game vs. one of our D-League teams.

D-League Divisions and Times

Cost: $575

Sundays | Randall's Island | 9:00am

Sundays | Randall's Island | 12:00pm

When: Saturdays & Sundays September 10 - November 13

The Yorkville Travel baseball program provides our players with the best baseball experience around!  We believe in developing skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship.  Our goal is to put the best team possible on the field, while teaching our players to play the game the right way.  We do this through:

Coaching: All of our teams are provided with two professional coaches to ensure that we create a positive and effective learning environment for our players.

Training: Preparation is the key to success here at Yorkville.  Each team meets for a weeknight “Swing Out” session at the Yorkville Baseball Academy, as well as an outdoor team practice on the weekends.  During the winter off-season, teams meet two times per week (swing out session and an indoor gym workout) to hone their skills and maintain camaraderie.

Competition: The Eagles compete against the best competition in New York during our fall and spring seasons, and we go up against the best teams on the East Coast during our holiday weekend tournaments.

Saturdays & Sundays | Randall's Island | Times TBD

Saturdays & Sundays | Randall's Island | Times TBD

Saturdays & Sundays | Randall's Island | Times TBD

Saturdays & Sundays | Randall's Island | Times TBD

Saturdays & Sundays | Randall's Island | Times TBD

Saturdays & Sundays | Randall's Island | Times TBD